IMG 1813After Dover - the reader might guess - we arrived in front of Calais. The wind went off again and we had time to consider the beauty of nature. Then suddenly five or even six shadows in the water slowly approached our boat. Somebody asked why there is a crocodile in the water?

It turned out that the crocodile was in real a family of sharks swimming around us in a close formation. We believe it was a mother with her baby sharks. So sweet! During these dramatic happenings a seal followed us closely.

Every offshore sailor knows sailing is not only about physical strength but also about mental stability. So fare, we were put on many stress-tests by the lack of wind in the last days.
Seen from the navigational standpoint, it was quite challenging to manage the busy traffic zone in front of Zeebrugge with our limited speed. Now it feels good to be in open waters again. With good winds we just passed the border to the Netherlands. The next country will obviously be Germany.

For our families and friends: we expect to arrive on Friday in Cuxhaven in the early afternoon. We plan to arrive at the racevillage in Hamburg on Saturday. We will keep you posted and regular updated on our ETA.

An alle Familien & Freunde der Crew der 'Bank von Bremen': Die Crew rechnet für Freitag 27. Juli am frühen Nachmittag mit der Ankunft in Cuxhaven (CityMarina, Finish Cuxhaven). Macht Euch auf, um die Crew nach gut 3.500 sm willkommen zu heißen!Wir werden regelmäßig zum ETA berichten.