image1 1Today at 11:00 UTC a grey boat of the UK Border Force approached the 'Bank von Bremen' with high speed. They first circumnavigated us while we were sailing under gennaker. At 11:30 UTC they came alongside and two friendly and professional officials of the Border Force entered our boat.

They routinely checked the boat inside and did not find any suspicious goods. They told us that they also check sailing boats because of the refugee crisis.
Finally they asked for our passports, took one of our prepared crewlist, and left the boat with two stickers of the race.

Back on track, we enjoy sailing in moderate winds and are now under the influence of the tidal stream of the English Channel. Last night passed by quickly for the watches as we carried out lot‘s of manoeuvres. To adopt to the wind we constantly changed between our different gennakers and the Code 0. (23rd July, 15:36 MESZ)

image3 1

Photos: happy sailing in the English Channel & the 'on boord-dragon' supervising the water reserves