1028 hPa is first of all just a number. However for us it means wind and boat speed are dropping. This is the time for constant trimming and concentrated helming to push the boat as hard as possible.

A high time for our dinghy sailors. For the team these conditions are emotionally more demanding than stormy days. To overcome these hurdles is to follow our daily routine. That means sailing in a watch system, starting the engine every morning at 6, recharging the batteries, switching on the water maker, preparing food, starting the satellite phone for a weather update and discussing the data and determine our strategy.

Every day at noontime we have a team meeting with the full crew in the cockpit. Despite of all mentioned routine the spirit was at a low today because of the discouraging speed. So we chose another trick: sweets. Sadly this attempt failed! The English sweets from the Bermuda’s taste like cleaning agents with a note of citrus. Still some people like it. We keep on pushing in sunny weather. Simply beautiful!

Ps: This is the answer to our question of the last update: 'Rose', who has a very good nose, said that one can distinguish warm and cold eddies by their smell. It is true!

(14.07.2018, 20:45 MESZ)