People on shore might wonder why our course to the English Channel is not a straight line. The shape is more like a zickzack. Some reasons are the weather system, currents and especially in our region the eddies of the Gulf Stream.

In short, it is a matter of tactics, rational decision making and sailing equipment. For all non sailors: It is important to know that we only have a limited number of sails on board. Each sail is made for a different wind angle and weather conditions. Hurricane 'Chris' (we mentioned him earlier) passed by today and we will now be confronted with lighter winds ahead.

In addition it became suddenly cold yesterday and for the first time we took out our warm clothes. We passed the Great Banks of Newfundland. As you might guess temperature and smell are closely connected. And to be honest the smell on board is terrible. We give our best to regularly clean up the boat on a daily basis. However once the sailing gear is wet, especially the shoes, the show is on.

Fun fact: Do eddies smell? We will tell you in our next update.

(13th July, 19:30 MESZ)